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Process Waste Treatment for Private Industries

L.D. Docsa provides services for owners and contractors for wastewater pre-treatment as this is our area of expertise! With over 20 years of wastewater treatment experience, our company is fully equipped to deliver a turn-key wastewater pre-treatment solution. 


Industrial Applications

  • Food Processing

  • Dairy Manufacturers

  • Breweries|Distilleries

  • Metal Finishers|Electroplating

  • Plastics Molding and Forming

  • Pulp, Paper & Paperboard

  • Landfill

  • Etc.


Whether you are working on a new build, renovation or just ramping up your production, use our experience to your advantage. L.D. Docsa offers everything from consulting to a complete turn-key system individualized for your needs, all while keeping your bottom line ahead of everything we do. From side-streaming to a full blown biological pre-treatment, every pre-treatment process is customized to fit your needs. 

Installation Services

So you've already chosen the technology for your process waste needs. To ensure a smooth application, L.D. Docsa can provide our installation services as well as complete any additions required for the treatment process, to ensure you are in compliance with municipal and state regulations. Our team can review your wastewater characteristics in conjunction with your process waste technology to ensure your project is a complete success. 

pH Control
pH Control.png
Flow Equalization
Flow Equalization.png
Physical Settling
Physical Settling.png

*Typical flow schemes for various treatment processes

In a nutshell, our integrity, knowledge and accountability are all qualities you can count on. We pride ourselves on being your single-resource or "one throat to choke", taking responsibility on our projects. In addition, our skilled team of craftsmen allow us to perform up to 70% of all contract work in-house, not to mention our in-house engineering with over 20 years experience in the industry. We know in the process industry, your bottom line is important, as well as the product you are producing. While we are handling your wastewater needs, you can focus on your most important asset.

Did you know

BOD, TSS, phosphorus, heavy metals, etc., can all cause problems at your local POTW. Knowing what your wastewater contains in comparison to local limits, is the first step in taking charge or your wastewater pre-treatment. Often times local municipalities are forced to pass along additional fee's (or surcharges) to private industries. These fee's can be tens of thousands of dollars, up to or over $1M/year. Depending on your needs, a pre-treatment system could cost you less than your yearly combined charges. Ask your local POTW about their IPP plan and keep these things in mind when ramping up production.

Water Re-Use

Water re-use is becoming more and more of a solution for industrial users. Re-use provides a payback with a reduction in both water purchase charges and sewer quantity fees, as well as can assist in meeting sustainability goals.  Recycled water (or gray water) is commonly used throughout industries for items such as cooling water, wash-down, and industrial processes, to name a few. Our team would be happy to explore these options for your system.

Financial Options

There are many options to financing a pre-treatment system. From performance contracting, to equipment financing, L.D. Docsa would be happy to find a funding option that best fits your needs. Contact one of our in-house engineers to discuss your pre-treatment needs. It's what we do!

Equipment Installation