Everyone Goes Home Safe


Safety is everyone’s business. It cannot be stressed enough.  This year emphasized, “Everyone Goes Home Safe “. This was our campaign which started in May, in honor of National Safety Week. It was, and is, a commitment to make sure our team members work smart and work safely. We constantly demonstrate our commitment to safety training and safety on the job site.   By developing a slogan, signage, and a solidly written program template, these items will ensure an effective safety program.


We take safety seriously, as we are only as strong as our workforce. It is the policy of L.D. Docsa to incorporate daily, weekly, and monthly safety inspections on our job site. We employ a full-time safety manager, ensuring our employees are safe.


Our system has proven successful as we hold a consistent EMR rating of less than the industry average year after year.


Every LDD employee is required to receive eight hours of training prior to performing any work and to be recertified frequently. 


Every on-site superintendent is required to complete 30 hours of OSHA construction training as well as construction management training through the Army Core of Engineers, which includes ACOE EM 385 safety standards.


LDD also has NCCCO Certified crane operators, going above and beyond the minimum standards.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

L.D. Docsa requires each job site to incorporate PPE. These requirements are as follows:

  • Hard Hat

  • Safety Vest

  • Gloves

  • Hard Toe Boots

  • Safety Glasses