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Self Performance:L.D. Docsa Associates, Inc. offers a variety of services to our clients including traditional general contracting, Design-Build, and Performance Contracting. With our team of in-house project managers, our million-dollar fleet of equipment, and on-site skilled craftsmen, we provide turn-key services to our clients with lower budgets and tighter time frames. We take pride in the fact that we are a "hands-on" Engineering and General Contractor, self-performing an average of 50-70% of the work on our projects. The following is an example of some self-performance scopes.

Demolition self-performace

Equipped with a $1.5M fleet of equipment and over 50 on-site tradesmen, we have the resources and ability to provide demolition services to our clients. Every item performed with our own crew results in savings passed on to our clients. Demolition services involve everything from buildings to concrete tanks and structures, to piping systems and equipment. 

excavation self-performance

With our extensive fleet of equipment which includes mobile cranes, excavators, loaders, dozers, and more, L.D. Docsa is able to self-perform our own earthwork on all projects, giving us an advantage over the competition with a quick-start project. We also install the underground utility piping for water, wastewater, chemical feed, air, etc. You name it, we can install it. And as construction nears completion, we also handle our own final grading work. 

process piping self-performance
Process Piping & Fabrication

L.D. Docsa self-performs all process piping work and also has the capability of designing process piping systems. Our vast experience in process piping work ranges from municipal to industrial projects and includes all types of piping materials and connection joints. 

concrete self-performance
Concrete Construction

From aeration tank construction to sidewalks, our skilled crew has the knowledge and tools necessary to complete any concrete construction task. We also own several types of concrete forms, allowing us to forge ahead at any moment. One of our recent projects included two above-ground 132'x23' denitrification/aeration tanks completed with one continuous pour for each tank. 

metal buildings
Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Partnered with Star Metal Buildings, L.D. Docsa has been providing pre-engineered metal buildings by Star Building Systems since 1999.  Star Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom designed metal building systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural use. Star Building Systems has a reputation for quality; quality products, quality construction, and quality relationships. The end result for our customer is a building solution that exceeds their expectations from start to finish. L.D. Docsa is also a retro-fit metal roofing specialist certified in many MBCI roof panels and subframing systems (NuRoof).

equipment installation
Equipment Installation

L.D. Docsa self-performs all equipment installation on our projects. From pumps to clarifiers and everything in between, we have the equipment and crew necessary to complete virtually any equipment installation task. Our experience includes (but is not limited to) aeration, disinfection, filtration, flow, screening, chemical systems, pumps, sludge handling/digesters, storage tanks and covers. We have extensive rigging equipment and four cranes to assist in these tasks.

architectural trades
Architectural Trades

In addition to the above, we also handle all architectural trades work. This includes miscellaneous metals, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, architectural woodwork, cabinetry, doors, frames and hardware installation, painting, and specialties.

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