Docsa is a self-performance General Contractor with a strong focus on water and wastewater treatment. From service work to new facilities, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide sustainable solutions for our clients, through several delivery methods. Whatever your goal, we can help you meet them. 

municipal wastewater treatment

Is your wastewater in compliance with local regulations? Are you constantly getting violations due to high levels of BOD, TSS, Phosphorus or heavy metals? Perhaps a wastewater pre-treatment system is the answer, or your current system needs service. Talk to one of our engineers for a sustainable solution, customized to your industry. 

industrial wastewater treatment

Looking for someone to help out with your service and maintenance projects? Our team of skilled professionals has the experience necessary to complete your job quickly and efficiently. Contact our service team to inquire on how we can help.


Customization is our specialty! L.D. Docsa employees certified welders to provide customization services for all our clients. From process piping to walkways and handrails, our welding crew is always up to the task.

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