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Delivery Methods

Design-Build vs.
Design-Bid-Build vs.
CM at-Risk

Design-Build Construction

​Design-build projects offer several advantages, the first being cost savings with a budget established up front. The design-build process also allows for greater creativity throughout project design and construction. Together with our engineering partners, engineers on-staff, and on-site self-performance crew, Docsa has the capabilities to complete all aspects of your project. 

If you have questions about this process and are wondering if this is right for you, contact one of our Design-Build experts today. We'd be happy to discuss your options and the advantages of the Design-Build delivery model.

Fixed-Price Design Build

  • Effective Risk Management

  • Single Entity for Design and Construction

  • Single Point of Accountibility

  • Efficiency in Design

  • Optimized Solution

  • Seeking Innovation

Design-Build Construction

Pictured above is one of our successful Fixed-Price Design-Build Projects: Clemens Food Group Wastewater Pre-Treatment Plant in Coldwater, MI. The project was completed ahead of schedule with no budget increases. 

Performance Contracting

L.D. Docsa has partnered with Noresco to offer Performance Contracting, also known as an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). NORESCO is a qualified Energy Service Company (ESCO). By using Performance Contracting, you obtain customized solutions, project financing, as well as sustainable results.

In partnership with NORESCO, L.D. Docsa can reduce wastewater treatment energy use and non-revenue water through an energy savings performance contract which addresses challenges on a stand-alone basis, or in combination with other energy and water use efficiency and infrastructure improvements. Infrastructure and operational upgrades require no capital outlay. Instead, they are self-funded through performance contracting. Project benefits can be guaranteed over a multi-year period to ensure success. A performance contract can be your perfect vehicle to cost savings, and best of all -- no change orders!

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