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Municipal Wastewater Treatment

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With over 20 years serving the water and wastewater industry, L.D. Docsa knows the importance of a running plant. We have performed over 100 water/wastewater projects, gaining extensive knowledge and the expertise required to successfully complete each project while keeping the municipality's best interests at the forefront. 


L.D. Docsa can offer municipalities new and innovative solutions for their water and wastewater needs. From Design-Build to Performance Contracting and General Contracting, we employ a specialized staff for self-performance and have built necessary relationships throughout the industry to provide a complete turn-key project. 

Kinross Michigan Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction 

Experienced in the following technologies:

  • Solids dewatering (centrifuge, belt press, screw press, fan press, etc.)

  • Primary and secondary clarifiers

  • Gas chlorine, bleach, and UV disinfection systems

  • Disk filters and sand filters, tertiary treatment

  • Headworks and grit removal (classifiers, aerated grit, screens, vortex, etc.)

  • Lagoons

  • Sequencing batch reactors

  • Activated sludge plants

  • Trickling filters

  • Rotating biological contactors

  • Dissolved air flotation

  • Aerobic and anaerobic digesters

Process Piping

With self-performance capabilities...

  • Valve repair/replacement

  • Chemical feed equipment and piping insulation

  • Pump, blower motor, and impeller replacement

  • Installation of course and fine air diffusion

  • Mixer installation

  • Process piping repair and replacement

  • Clarifier equipment repairs

  • Pumping equipment motors replacement

  • GHP installation

  • Digester gas upgrades

  • Blower replacement

  • Lift station repairs

  • Digester floating dome cover removal and replacement

  • Grit collector/grit screw installation

  • Gate installation

  • Motorized gate and valve operators

  • Metal building construction

  • Concrete

  • Demolition

  • Earthwork and site utilities

  • Miscellaneous metals

What our clients are saying:

"L.D. Docsa has performed multiple projects at the Joint Plant -- some with high degrees of complexity requiring extensive coordination. Each project was performed within budget and with minimal interruption in operations. The LDD team employs very competent personnel and has access to multiple resources to complete difficult projects in a professional and timely manner. Any organization would be well served by selecting LDD as their construction professionals. I would highly recommend LDD and look forward to working with the firm in the future." Tim Lynch, Benton Harbor-St. Joseph Joint Wastewater Treatment Plant

Dowagiac Wastewater Treatment Plant
City of Hartford

"I am pleased to express my appreciation for your services and actions while installing our Grit collection system. I found your performance while working for us proves your excellent professionalism." - Lloyd Taylor, Paw Paw Lake Area Wastewater Treatment Plant

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