Sustainable Solutions

L.D. Docsa is a self-performance General Contractor with a strong focus on water and wastewater treatment. From service work to new facilities, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide sustainable solutions for our clients, through several delivery methods. 

Clean, drinkable water. With proper filtering and careful attention to all the steps in the process, Docsa knows how to construct plants that deliver award-winning water. Offering the same experience and solutions for water as we do for wastewater.

Is your wastewater in compliance with local regulations? Are you constantly getting violations due to high levels of BOD, TSS, Phosphorus or heavy metals? Perhaps a wastewater pre-treatment system is the answer. Talk to one of our engineers for a sustainable solution, customized to your industry. 

With over 50 years of construction experience, our experience includes everything from local parks to a large retail giant. Keeping our focus on self-performance, our network of connections gets the job done on time and on budget. Contact us for a turn-key solution that meets your schedule and budget.

An owner has several areas of concern when embarking on a construction project - one of them being, the delivery method of the project. Choosing which one, or a combination, should be at the forefront of each project. L.D. Docsa can offer expertise in this area, with experience in several types of delivery methods.

Building Sustainable Solutions
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Located in southwest Michigan, L.D. Docsa Associates, Inc., is a self-performance General Contractor with over 50 years of commercial/industrial construction experience. With our in-house engineering capabilities, and a wealth of professional relationships, we have the knowledge and ability to complete all aspects of construction from design to completion. Contact us for your building solution. 

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