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Municipal Water Treatment

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With over 20 years serving the water and wastewater industry, L.D. Docsa knows the importance of providing safe drinking water to the public. We have performed over 100 water/wastewater projects, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise required to successfully complete each project while keeping the municipality's best interest at the forefront.


L.D. Docsa can offer municipalities new and innovative solutions for their water treatment needs. From Design-Build to Performance Contracting and General Contracting, we employ a specialized staff for self-performance and have built necessary relationships throughout the industry to deliver a complete turn-key project.  

City of New Buffalo Best Tasting Water Award

2013 Regional Winner of the Water Taste-off for Best Tasting Water! Congratulations to the City of New Buffalo, we are honored to be a part of this great achievement, and it was a pleasure working with you!

Experienced in the following technologies:

  • Disinfection systems (UV, bleach, gas, chlorine)

  • Pressure filters

  • Dilators

  • Concrete tank gravity filters

  • Steel tank gravity filters

  • High service pumps

  • Booster stations

  • Plate settlers

  • Gas safety systems

  • Storage systems (tank covers, glass bolted tanks, DN tanks)

What our clients are saying:

"I really can't say enough about the contractor, they are really able to work with us. Great contractor, great crew."

-  Three Rivers Clean Water Plant

"We at the City of New Buffalo Water Department were very pleased with the performance, professionalism, and ability of L.D. Docsa Associates during our 2010 ARRA-funded water treatment plant upgrade." 

Ken Anderson, City of New Buffalo

Water Storage Construction

Self-Performance Experience

  • Demolition

  • Underground pipe and repair

  • Chlorination of piping and equipment

  • Valve replacement

  • Media removal and replacement

  • Process piping and repair

  • Softener repairs

  • Painting/labeling of pipes and valves

  • Chemical feed equipment and installation

  • Softener repairs

  • Pressure filter installation

  • Construction gravity filters installation

  • Pumping equipment installation

  • Concrete

  • Miscellaneous metals

  • Metal buildings

  • Earthwork

Water Construction
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